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Urban Dictionary: License to Kill

Usually used to describe a woman or man who is dressed to the highest degree of fineness that s/he can take someone’s breath away (figuratively, i.e. not to the level of death).


M*** founder of LTK Brand

M*** is adamant that a well-dressed man must dress with purpose. He must be comfortable in suit and tie, particularly a bow tie, and a pocket square is not just an accessory, it’s a necessity. Accessorizing is important. It’s the difference between a handwritten love letter and an email; shortcuts and conformity cheapen the message.

“A bow tie is a sign of an independent, strong and confident man who knows who and what he is and what he wants, the kind of man who attracts women and men alike, like a magnet. I’m certainly attracted to that in a man. LTK speaks to that effect a handsome, well-dressed man has on me.”……..M***

M***’s  sophisticated sense of color and style is inherited from generations of her family dating back hundreds of years in Kyoto history. There is a district in Kyoto named after M***’s family who became famous for providing many of the fabulous colors and designs and the finest of silk fabrics which were made into kimonos, clothing, and accessories worn by wealthy and royal Japanese patrons.

Kyoto is where the heritage of classic Japanese craftsmanship is famously celebrated,  the only place in Japan where geisha still walk the streets. M*** has unique resources there and has amassed an immense collection of exquisitely made fine silks from across Japan. The vintage fabrics are meticulously handwoven, hand-dyed, hand-painted, and showcase the finest of classic Japanese textile artistry. The techniques have remained the same for over 1300 years, but as ancient as they are, the designs are freshly contemporary. Exceptional quality and design are truly timeless.

M*** lived in Europe for a number of years where she studied with master artists in their ateliers in Paris and Florence (Italy) and refined her designer’s eye and artistic skills. She studied the French language to fluency, summering along the Mediterranean, wintering in the Swiss Alps. She opened her own atelier in Paris and showed her works in galleries throughout Europe, London, New York City and Tokyo.

M*** immersed herself in the classics of art and architecture throughout Europe. The Renaissance masters’ careful and exquisite attention to detail, to technique and composition excited and inspired her.

M*** is excited to showcase the same passion and selfless commitment of Japanese artistry and craftsmanship by creating the LTK (License to Kill) brand. Her desire for the men in her life to have more and higher quality options led her to focus on men’s accessories, a market where she sees great opportunity for growth. The products under the LTK label are handmade to the same (or better) exacting standards as the world’s top brands which sell for many times the prices you will see at LTK. The materials and craftsmanship are distinct at LTK, but the products affordable.

“You can feel the quality in your hands, your touch can discern the countless hours the artisans spent to perfect the techniques that the wealthy once spent ransoms to purchase. The sense of history touches your emotions.”……..M***

M*** resides in the US in a confidential location and is growing her list of operatives. You too can join the bow tie movement – be a man of distinction, well dressed, well accessorized, confident and on a mission…